Saryn Prime

What is saryn?
Saryn is one of the Warframe characters that is known to destroy her enemies by giving out toxic gases and venoms. The victim dies a horridly slow death with little to no chances of survival. Not only that, Saryn also releases venomous spores which are sure to give rise to an epidemic that goes on to destroy multiple of her enemies in a jiffy. There have been multiple opinions regarding the way Saryn uses to get rid of her enemies. Some people call it bad and wrong, while others go on to justify it.
What is Saryn prime?
Saryn prime is a much better and upgraded version of Saryn which enable sit to carry out more functions and be better at the job than what she was earlier capable of. Followers of the warfare regime are quite fond of it and are growing to like the character better with each upgrade. Saryn prime colors are also different than the ones she originally boasted of. This only goes on to say that Saryn is now back with much more advanced and better features to tackle her enemies.
Is Saryn good or bad?
There are have always been mixed opinions about the righteousness of Saryn. Some people believe her to be correct with what she does while some others oppose her beliefs and actions. But having said all that, Saryn is more of a defensive character than an aggressive one. So her actions make total sense.
With Saryn prime, her chances of defending herself have increased multiple folds. She is now more than just capable of launching attacks and shielding herself and her loved ones from harm. Even so, the way she destroys her enemies, i.e. by injecting them with lethal venom still remains a matter of controversy and this debate remains on.

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